Deciding On Trade School

When I graduated from high school, I just didn't feel right about going to college. I didn't want to deal with the strict instructors, annoying student body, and frustrating curriculum. However, since I wanted a career, I decided that it might be smart to see about going to a trade school instead. I figured that I would be able to learn the same information, without all of the hassle that typically surrounds traditional college. I can't even begin to describe how right I was. I went to trade school to learn the art of HVAC, and I have developed a successful career.

How To Donate Items To Help Local Schools


If you want to donate an item and make sure it goes directly to help a school or student, you may have to find ways that are different than the norm. If you wish to make a contribution to trade schools, colleges, and secondary schools, there are some methods of donations that are charitable deductions. Here are some ways to support your local schools and students. 

Donate an old car to an auto program

If you have an older car that you no longer need or a project car that you can no longer work on, donating it to an automotive mechanic program at your local trade school can give it a new life. Even if the car is not able to operate, the car's parts can be extracted in order to help the students learn how to check or rebuild certain parts of the car. There are also tax deductible car donations for trade schools in many states. For more information, consider contacting places like Newgate School.

Donate supplies or money to nonprofit schools

If there is a nonprofit school in your area, you can donate money or school supplies to the educational center and receive a write-off. Ask the school if they retain nonprofit status and qualify for tax deductions. If you have extra supplies at home or at the beginning of each semester, pick up school supplies, books, and helpful electronics, provide them to a nonprofit school so that they can remain open for educating students. 

School fair day services

If schools have family or student fair days that allow vendors, donate your time and your particular services to help students and families. If you own a restaurant, volunteer to make taster plates, or pass out food. If you operate a business, ask to come by and provide fun items for children, such as frisbees, hats, and more. You can also offer a raffle for some of your services and your products to help families. 

Offer free field trips 

Sponsoring field trips is one way to help students gain educational and community knowledge while providing a service that may be tax deductible. If you have a business location or a factory, offer a free field trip for all students. While some schools will collect money for field trips, offering a free service can net you a tax write off and some popularity with school districts who are looking for ways to offset extra cost in the budget. 


17 April 2016