Deciding On Trade School

When I graduated from high school, I just didn't feel right about going to college. I didn't want to deal with the strict instructors, annoying student body, and frustrating curriculum. However, since I wanted a career, I decided that it might be smart to see about going to a trade school instead. I figured that I would be able to learn the same information, without all of the hassle that typically surrounds traditional college. I can't even begin to describe how right I was. I went to trade school to learn the art of HVAC, and I have developed a successful career.

Three Unique Careers That Complement A Master's In Fashion


A masters degree in fashion is both fun and a lot of course work. The fashion industry requires creativity, but it also requires you to have a good grasp of the facts and figure of the industry as well. If you are not a designer, you will still be able to adequately utilize a masters in fashion in order to advance a number of different careers. For those not interested in opening their own fashion house or becoming a designer, here are three unique careers that can also complement a masters in fashion. 

Manager for social media personalities

Famous people used to be the ticket to company advertising. Now celebrities, along with those who are known on social media, receive offers for advertisement on a daily basis. Most of these companies are fashion companies in some way, with products that range from clothing, to makeup, to workout products. With a masters in fashion, you will know enough about the back end of fashion detailing, model payments, and proper product placement to represent social media personalities. Your body of knowledge in how to best advertise for brands will make you and your clients successful.

Stock and business investor 

Going into Wall Street after you get a masters in fashion may appear puzzling, but you will actually have learned enough about financing and money in the back end of fashion to accomplish this task. Most fashion houses allow investors or are on the stock market. If you are more analytical than creative, investing in current fashion houses or investing in new houses can be your new career. Being able to spot a house that is stable and innovating from the beginning will make you a successful investor. 

Box service owner

Monthly box subscription services have seen a new wave of popularity. Individuals subscribe to box services that provide everything from makeup, to razors, to menstrual cycle supplies. With your masters in fashion, you can collaborate with new fashion brands or brands seeking a revival to set up a fashion subscription box. You will be able to send samples of clothing and accessories to subscribers of the service. This will establish a business of your own, plus make you a trusted advertiser of fashion brands, increasing your name recognition without needing to become a designer. Properly advertising your subscription box and finding fashion brands to work within the beginning will be the ticket to success. 


10 May 2019